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i never knew that something as lame as MTV could make good books. i read the perks of being a wallflower after having about a billion people i know read it and whine about how good of a book it was. so i bought it and i read it. pretty damn good, yeah. so this quarter i did my english "booktalk" on it, and everyone like, almost cried when i read the poem from it. and my friend jen did her booktalk on the book brave new girl. it sounded really good, so i borrowed it from her and read it. that was 2 days ago.. and i think i already have a new favorite book. and my favorite part is when doreen just keeps thinking fuck everything. i just felt like that was so me. and it saddened me that i do not own that book.. so whatever. back to the point. which book is your favorite?/which should i read next?

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